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Integrating the demarcated territories - Islands as innovative places of sustainability?
Jørgen Rasmussen

Last modified: 2010-04-15



A rather disregarded bid for a sustainable culture with dynamic processes of change could emanate from the natural and mental environment of the Danish islands. Even though the Danish society in general isn´t appreciating its essential geographical constitution as an actual archipelago (with its western "ocean pier"), several present island-societies contain vital possibilities to introduce and develop a significant complex of change as to how sustainability are to be understood in a broader as well as in a deeper sense.                        

This key concept isn´t just oriented towards an economical, social and ecological upheaval of present and continuous unbalances. It must furthermore integrate an existential dimension to fulfill the aspirations of its conception. In fact islands are -and has been historically - the scenes of an extensive powerlessness on the global arena, but at present however their settings of vulnerability and friction becomes a de facto advantage and should therefore generate a renewed oceanic sense of the whole. And this means the mobilizing of an imperative ethos towards nature, implying that our conceptions of boundaries and deeper self-understandings as humans with all of nature are severely changed into sustainable and humanly maturing directions.  

Above all islands of the world have outstanding potentials to become scenes of connecting the largest with the smallest. And Danish islands as such have a special assignment here in their representing cultural patterns and growing innovations, which prepare the way for substantial changes towards the regaining of crucial balances on a par with modern lifestyles. 


Sustainable development; islands;

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