Open Conference Systems, RUC Sunrise Triple C Conference: Climate – Change – Communication

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Re-embedding scientific development in the realities of local communities Reflexive experiments in upstream engagement towards sustainability
Jonas Egmose Mortensen

Last modified: 2010-04-15


As the effects of climate change is becoming increasingly visible scientific and
technological development is often seen as a key component in political action
towards future sustainability. Historically, however, it is not evident that science and
technology per se lead to sustainable solutions. To address this aspect of the challenge
of sustainable development, this paper examines whether new approaches to
upstream engagement in science and technology can further knowledge channels
between academia and local communities, which can inspire more contextualised
modes of knowledge production. Building on the insights from critical theory; newer
conceptualisations of knowledge production; and the experiences from the Citizen
Science for Sustainability action research programme, a number of principles
towards more reflexive forms of community based public engagement in science and
technology are proposed.

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