Presentations and Authors

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Nature, Climate Change and the Culture of the Social Sciences
Reiner Grundmann, Markus Rhomberg, Nico Stehr
Climate Policy between Control Mechanisms and Self-Organisation: Futureable Organisational Forms beyond the Nation State?
Karolin Pichler
’If they are hungry, feed them kangaroos’ – the dilemmas facing Australia as a fossil-dependent culture in a post-fossil future
Lars Jensen
Sustainability means ethics and this is a cultural revolution
Michel Puech
Integrating the demarcated territories - Islands as innovative places of sustainability?
Jørgen Rasmussen
The matter of climate change: what it is and how to be concerned with it
Gert Goeminne
The status of future generations in discussions and decisions regarding climate change
Erik Persson
The Effectiveness and Sustainability of CDM Implementation in Thailand (During 2002-2009)
Bonnie Phorntippha Kerr
Values and Nature
Erik Bendtsen
Coping with Climate Change: Geographies, Politics and the need for Socio-cultural Change; the case of multi-sited living
Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt
Multifrenic climate discourses
Tove Arendt Rasmussen
Territorial identity and symbolic landscapes
Ole Erik Hansen
Climate Change Adaptation in Central Vietnam
Ole Bruun, Thorkil Casse
Innovating for Sustainable Cultures and Clean Tech by Communication in Tourism
Jesper Holm, Soren Sorensen, Eva Diekmann, Line Maria Bram Pedersen, Inger Hoejbjerg


Mikkel Fugl Eskjær
Indigenous language and environment communication: Dynamics of local media for sustainability campaign
Olusola Samuel Oyero
Your Light Switch Is Your Vote”: Mediating Discourse and Participation in the ‘Vote Earth’ Campaign to Foster Awareness of Anthropogenic Climate Change
Paul McIlvenny
Exploring Communication Strategies for Enhancing Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Lake Victoria Basin in Uganda
Goretti Linda Nassanga
Climate activism and the mass media – the possibility for a political challenging debate
Anders Danielsen Danielsen
Collaborative Change: a Communication Framework for Natural Resource Management and Climate Change Adaptation
Mario Acunzo
Deliberating climate change - the creation of a global voice for citizens?
Erling Jelsøe, Annika Agger, Birgit Jæger, Louise Philips
Communication on natural gas, biomass and forests as a problem for energy management
Rolf Czeskleba-Dupont
Symmetrical approaches to (often implicit) knowledge asymmetries in public communication of science and technology: learning from the case of climate change
Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen
The communication of climate change in the Belgian french press
Antigoni Vokou
Climate change communication in Bangladesh: an analysis of national strategy and action plan for climate change adaptation and its integration with media communication
Shameem Mahmud, Irene Nerverla, Corinna Luethje
Negotiating and communicating climate
Pernille Almlund

Clean Technology

Barriers and possibilities for low-carbon-energy consuming technologies - The case of the lighting sector
Araceli Bjarklev
Global governance and the development of cleaner technologies and energy systems
Rikke Lybæk, Ole Erik Hansen
Re-embedding scientific development in the realities of local communities Reflexive experiments in upstream engagement towards sustainability
Jonas Egmose Mortensen
niels schrøder, Ole Jess Olsen, Paul Thorn
: Local transition strategies for climate construction and housing – studies of innovative Danish municipalities
Jesper Holm, Inger Stauning, Bent Soendergaard
Land use, Climate Change and Biodiversity
Erik Persson
Using Corporate Social Responsibility strategy with a climate focus for enterprise resource planning systems
Sine Zambach, Zenia Worm Francker, Philip Holst
Clean technology and the insurance sector
Lára Jóhannsdóttir, Michael E. Goodsite
E-mobility – from ashes to the fire?
Anders Chr. Hansen