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E-mobility – from ashes to the fire?
Anders Chr. Hansen

Last modified: 2010-04-19


European countries and the EU are planning for the take-off of a transition from ICE-mobility to E-mobility. The choice of electromotor technology in preference to internal combustion engine technology, however, involves more than a choice of car. Concerns have been raised about the overall environmental impact from the power sector and about other issues. The paper addresses the question of how leading European countries are planning the transition and under which conditions it will contribute to the European energy goals (security and import burden of energy supply, energy-, eco- and cost-efficiency). The conclusion is that a parallel transformation of the power sector and the transport vehicle fleet is necessary for the transition to E-mobility to contribute significantly to the European energy goals. Against this background, the required rate of power sector transformation and the instruments applied to govern the transformation is discussed.

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