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Climate Change Adaptation in Central Vietnam
Ole Bruun, Thorkil Casse

Last modified: 2010-04-20


Drawing on ongoing research in Quang Nam, central Vietnam, this paper addresses adaptation in agricultural areas with high levels of already experienced and prospected climate change. In the perspective of the local population, however, climate change is yet another stress factor on top of a range of both historical and present ones. Thus vulnerability and resilience should be seen in a grand perspective of general development, socio-economic robustness and vital institutions. As a matter of great complexity a range of different approaches will meet and interact. Culture is obviously part of the equation: in a hard hit society with a rooted culture of resistance, climate change adaptation may draw inspiration from historical adaptation to other challenges such as war, hunger and mad politics. Both culturally embedded institutions, including local community cooperation and responsible governance, and real economic improvement are essential for successful adaptation.

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