Open Conference Systems, RUC Sunrise Triple C Conference: Climate – Change – Communication

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Exploring Communication Strategies for Enhancing Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Lake Victoria Basin in Uganda
Goretti Linda Nassanga

Last modified: 2010-04-14


Climate change affects everybody globally, but countries that have agro-based economies, like Uganda are affected very adversely. While the full impact of climate changes cannot be predicted with precision, some information on mitigation and adaptation to environmental hazards is often available. However, the rural subsistence farming population often lack the resources, including information, to take measures to mitigate or adapt to these climate changes.

This research study is premised on the key role information and communication play in enhancing adaptation to change. Access to adequate relevant information on climate changes that is communicated in a participatory way can contribute to improving welfare of the farming communities, as they will have better yields. The Lake Victoria Basin is a typical subsistence farming area and is used as sample for the study. Access, sources and channels of environment information are explored, after which recommendations are given on communication strategies that can facilitate effective communication of the environmental risks associated with climate changes.

 The study also looks at the coverage of climate change issues as a means of establishing the level of awareness and competence of the journalists reporting on environment. If the media prioritise this on their agenda, this will generate more public debate and participation of various stakeholders in influencing decisions on mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change.

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