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Bullying and methods of interventions
Stine Kaplan Jørgensen

Last modified: 2011-08-08


Abstract for Ph.D summerschool 15’th – 20’th of August. RUC.

Stine Kaplan Jørgensen. Ph.D student DPU, eXbus.


While the understanding of bullying is being innovated, it is also necessary to evaluate and rethink the interventions that are used against bullying in Danish schools. This project will have its point of departure in the new theoretical framework developed from eXbus, where bullying is understood as a complex and socially constructed phenomenon. It will focus on the intended and not intended effects by some of the mainly used methods of interventions against bullying. The empirical focus will primarily be on the processes that are taking place during the so called “plenum meetings”, where the class is gathered to talk about some of the problems the students as well as the teachers experience. The theoretical point of departure will be in the positioning theory, which, along with other relevant theoretical contributions, will make it possible to increase dynamical power negotiations – and positionings – that takes place during those meetings. Thereby it will be possible to see whether and how these interventions cause positive change.

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