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Becoming a policeman. Researching police identity as lived experience
Thomas Bille

Last modified: 2011-08-04


How do you become a policeman? With this broad question in mind I will present and discuss my work-in-progress research on the practical training program of trainee police officers engaged in and learning from police activities together with more experienced and educated police officers.

The work of the policeman is a bodily engagement to the world, and perception is a crucial matter of bringing meaning to social events and situations and acting accordingly. Therefore, I am interested in investigating how trainee police officers learn to perceive situations due to their bodily involvement in police work situations and perform actions based upon the perceived conditions of the situation, the self and the world.

From a phenomenological point of reference, how do trainee police officers perceive the world and act accordingly due to their bodily involvement and consciousness in actual police situations?

How can you investigate the lived experiences of the trainee police officer doing and learning from police work through phenomenological descriptions?

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