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Ageing and personcentred rehabilitation
Jette Thuesen

Last modified: 2011-08-08


The paper presents a discussion in my ongoing PhD-project Ageing and personcentred rehabilitation, a case study of geriatric rehabilitation-processes. The study is designed as a multi-sited ethnographic study, following 9 elderly persons (age 77 – 92 years) for one year from hospitalisation to treatment, rehabilitation, and care in a community setting and at home. The aim is to study positioning and subjectification in rehabilitation processes in elderly peoples everyday lives. 

Theoretically the project draws on a combination of positioning theory and institutional ethnography, i.e. a socialconstructionist approach. In this frame of reference treatment and rehabilitation is explored as translocal processes through different places and spaces, each offering different discursive and material conditions of possibility in sick and disabled elderly peoples subjectification.

The paper puts forward a discussion on relations between spaces/places. How can we understand subjectification, when the disabled elderly people are offered different and sometimes contradicting positions in different spaces/places?

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