Presentations and Authors

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A. Law and literature 1/Lov og litteratur 1

Early Globalization and Human Rights Paper NorLit 2011
Karen-Margrethe Simonsen

B. National stereotypes 1/Nationale stereotyper 1

Palimpsest, Memory and Agency in Faroese Memory Politics - National Stereotypes in the Canonization of a Faroese National Hero Paper NorLit 2011
Kim Simonsen

G. Scandinavian literature 2/ Skandinavisk litteratur 2

Politics at the Service of Aesthetics. The Case of Karen Blixen (with focus on her essay “On Modern Marriage and Other Observations”) Paper NorLit 2011
Ieva Steponaviciute

H. Hybridity and politics/Hybriditet og politik

Reading Indian English Women’s Writing-Between Identification and Alienation Paper NorLit 2011
Lotta Strandberg

J. Scandinavian literature 3/ Skandinavisk litteratur 3

Landskapsdikten som politisk genre i 1700-talets Sverige Paper NorLit 2011
Alfred Sjödin

N. European literature 1/Europæisk litteratur 1

The Echo of Eco in The Name of the Rose Paper NorLit 2011
Leif Søndergaard

O. Autonomy and Engagement 1/Autonomi og engagement 1

From Auschwitz to Bosnia – how can testimonies say something true, when they are at the centre of a political battle? Paper NorLit 2011
Mina Wikshåland Skouen

T. Medialisation and fiction /Medialisering og fiktion

Politiske litteraturformer i Danmark i 00erne Paper NorLit 2011
Erik Svendsen

U. Poetry 3/Lyrik 3

Balladen om Brunel. Civilisationskritik og ny identitetstematik hos Heretica-bevægelsen Paper NorLit 2011
Marianne Stidsen

V. European literature 3/Europæisk litteratur 3

Economic risk in 19th century literary discourse Paper NorLit 2011
Tatjana Kielland Samoilow


NorLit 2011 is sponsored by The Danish Council for Independent Research, Humanities (FKK) and The Danish Association of Masters and PhDs (DM).

NorLit 2011 is also sponsored by Clara Lachmanns Fond and Roskilde University.