Presentations and Authors

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A. Law and literature 1/Lov og litteratur 1

Property and Proprietor in XVII century Nomos: and analysis based on Robinson Crusoe Paper NorLit 2011
Raphael Martins

E. Law and literature 2/Lov og litteratur 2

Posthukommelser over grænser: The Border Breaking Bunch og Apropos Opa som litterære mødesteder Paper NorLit 2011
Anna Estera Mrozewicz

O. Autonomy and Engagement 1/Autonomi og engagement 1

Hymns and scornful laughter – forms of power in Finland-Swedish literary reviews in the 1920s and 1930s with focus on authors Jarl Hemmer and Elmer Diktonius Paper NorLit 2011
Kristina Malmio

Q. Poetry 2/Lyrik 2

Samtidslyrikkens tværmediale liv Paper NorLit 2011
Louise Mønster

V. European literature 3/Europæisk litteratur 3

Petrarca’s Dream Paper NorLit 2011
Peter Madsen


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