Presentations and Authors

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F. National stereotypes 2/Nationale stereotyper 2

Nationality, belonging and acceptance of national border transgressions. The example of Aino Kallas and Hella Wuolijoki Paper NorLit 2011
Katarina Leppänen

M. Poetry 1/Lyrik 1

German Autumn Paper NorLit 2011
Roland Lysell

O. Autonomy and Engagement 1/Autonomi og engagement 1

Political Acts and Others: Commitments of Literary Response Paper NorLit 2011
Hans Löfgren

P. Transmission and fixation/Transmission og fiksering

Politik og religion i romanen: Klosteret som politisk-religiøs topos i J.-K. Huysmans' og Johs. Jørgensens romaner Paper NorLit 2011
Anne Loddegaard

U. Poetry 3/Lyrik 3

Den politiske vending i ny dansk poesi Paper NorLit 2011
Peter Stein Larsen


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