Presentations and Authors

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D. Working class literature/ arbejderlitteratur

The socialist devil. Swedish young socialist fiction at the beginning of the 20th century Paper NorLit 2011
Emma Hilborn

F. National stereotypes 2/Nationale stereotyper 2

Between the Horror Show and the Wall of Silence : Reflections on fiction and truth in the transition processes of South Africa and Argentina Paper NorLit 2011
Oscar Hemer

R. European literature 2/Europæisk litteratur 2

Mimesis af kulturelle erindringsprocesser. Doku- og metafiktion i den aktuelle spanske romans behandling af borgerkrig og frankistisk diktatur Paper NorLit 2011
Hans Lauge Hansen

S. Autonomy and engagement 2/Autonomi og engagement 2

Essän mellan autonomi och engagemang: Sven Lindqvist väljer framträdelseform Paper NorLit 2011
Ragnar Haake


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