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General Papers

Volunteers in the experience economy: Engagement, motivation, rewards and management
Sune Gudiksen
Experience economy meets business model design: Questioning the fundamental premise of getting automatically higher prices when offering an experience setting
Sune Gudiksen, Søren Smed, Søren Poulsen
Sustainable innovation in the experience economy: from talk to action: cases from Nordic whale-watching
Hin Hoarau-Heemstra
Spa and wellbeing in Norway - new experiences from an old industry
Berit Therese Nilsen
Spaces for Creative Dialogue: context and content in practice
Jennie Andersson Schaeffer, Bengt Köping Olsson
Innovative value of sustainable tourism practices
Adriana Budeanu
Experience economy: impact on minds and social concepts in peripheral communities
Jesper Jorgensen, Kaare Thomsen
An experiential approach for innovation
Jesper Legaard Jensen

Experiences of Spatial Design - On the experience of designed spaces of culture, leisure and tourism

Experiencing the Enchantment of Place and Mobility
Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt
Interaction + spatial design at experience sites
Connie Svabo
Mobile co-experiences
Sune Gudiksen, Claus Østergaard, Søren Smed

Experience Economy Business Track

Innovation Experiences – open, participatory, transcendental
Klaus Lindegaard