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Corporate Mobilities Regimes

Can work-related mobilities be a relevant lever for intelligent and sustainable mobility? The case of the institutional tool (PDE) put into place by the car manufacturer PSA in its historical birthplace
Bénédicte Rey
Identifying the role of telecommuting in regional development -Impact on spatial structure and mobility
Juanjuan Zhao
Mobility Arrangements in the Worksphere – Defining new Boundaries of Workload
Sarah Nies, Katrin Roller, Gerlinde Vogl
Googling the city: Global internet companies and local mobility in Ireland
James Wickham
The (Im)Mobility of Teaching English in Tokyo
Raluca Nagy

Doing Ethnography in hyper mobile fields - Challenges of digital ethnography

Following Trans-Atlantic Romani Mobilities Ethnography in a Hyper-Mobile Field
Esteban C. Acuña
Studying situated social media use: methodological challenges
Alexandra Weilemann, Thomas Hillman
Flamenco Online: towards a new methodology regarding virtualisation and intercultural communication in Spanish and UK Flamenco
Tenley Martin
'Transmedia Trajectory Ethnography' in urban contexts
Lotte Pelckmans, Griet Steel
Evelina de Nardis
Methodological challenges! Curating Spaces of Ethnographic Inquiry!
Ely Rosenblum
Ethnographic co-presence in digito-physical social spaces
Marion Hamm

Embodied Mobility Practices and Everyday Life - Flows and Rythms in Urban Life

Rhythms of Mobility - Discovering urbanity through the bus window
Katrine Hartmann-Petersen
Mobile encounters: Bus 5A as a cross-cultural meeting place.
Lasse Koefoed, Kirsten Simonsen, Mathilde Dissing Christensen
Coupling mobilities
Larissa Schindler
Sense of belonging and local community
Anja Jørgensen, Mia Arp Fallov
Mobile placemaking: Social interaction, community and meaning in everyday train commuting
Hanne Louise Jensen
Old and marginalized urban life in flux: Everyday life on the move
Jon Dag Rasmussen
Fitness running and urban rhythms: taking the pulse of the welfare society
Mattias Qviström
Mobile placemaking: Social interaction, community and meaning in everyday train commuting
Hanne Louise Jensen

Embodied Mobility Practices and Everyday Life - ICT in Everyday Life Mobilities

Moving with ICTs in a sprawling city: How profiles of Québec residents use mobile technologies in relation to their occupations and travels on the Québec metropolitan area.
M. Després, D. Morin, A. Fortin
Underrepresentation in hybrid spaces: Mobility and inequality through mobile technologies
Jordan Frith
Time for reflection, entertainment or networking? Emergent patterns of ICT-use on public transportation among urban dwellers
Tom E. Julsrud, Jon Martin Denstadli, Jo Herstad
Plug&Play Places: Conceptualizing Place Relations in Multilocal Lifeworlds
Robert Nadler
Mobility behaviours in peri-urban spaces through mobile phone data The Milan Urban Region case study.
Paola Pucci
Mobile and Mediated – Encompassing Ethnographic Condensations of Contemporary Communicative Practices
Jenny Jansdotter
Soundscape of mobilising codes
Sung-Yueh Perng

Art as Mobile Research: The Journey of Making - Walking Session: Mobile Exhibition Panel

Stop and Go – Nodes of Transformation and Transition
Michael Hieslmair, Michael Zinganel
Lee Lee
Here nor There
Jen Southern, Chris Speed

Changes in Material Cultures

Place in Transition - Exploring potentials of relocating and exposing places within enclosed networks
Jacob Bjerre Mikkelsen, Ida Lange
Consumer Logistics: the mobility for consumption
Daniel Normark, Helene Brembeck, Franck Cochoy, Florence Branchet Champsaur, Cédric Calvignac, Roland Canu, Johan Hagberg, Niklas Hansson, Ulrika Holmberg, Michèle Lalanne, Claire Thébault
Towards an Understanding of the New Craft
Katherine Harrison, Cassie Ogden, Peter Cox

Mobility in the Arts - A Meeting between Art Studies, Cultural Policy, and Mobility Studies

Conceptualizing Artists’ Mobility in the 21st Century
Anna Lipphardt
Western European artists sketching topographies of the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century: aesthetic, military, documentary?
Ulrike Boskamp, Annette Kranen
Mobility and the Mediterranean Cultural Space
Angie Cotte
Conceptualizing Artists’ Mobility in the 21st Century. An Introduction
Anna Lipphardt
Film mobilities: Circulation practices, local policies, and the construction of a “Newest Chilean Cinema” in transnational settings
María-Paz Peirano

Urban Planning in the Mobile Risk Society - Planning for Sustainable Mobilities

Can Cycle Super Highways create transition?
Nina Moesby Bennetsen, Julie Overgaard Magelund
Metropolitan areas 2.0: Dynamics and pathways for the future of mobilities
Martin Lanzendorf
Re-configuring the city as a low-carbon space of mobility
Katerina Psarikidou
The place of space in local policy-making for sustainable mobilities
Chelsea Tschoerner

Doing Ethnography in hypermobile Fields - Turning the Field into Media

Road Radio - Bringing mobility research on the road and into the air
Kaare Svejstrup, Aslak Aamot Kjærulff
Mediated Mobilities: rethinking mobilities studies through German media theory
Paula Bialski, Florian Sprenger
Vistas of Mobile Interaction Trajectories - Samples of visualising everyday mobility via embroidered space-time diaries
Michael Leitner
Doing ethnography by watching TV? Return migration and discourses on home seen through the web series “An African City”
Michelle Engeler, Jana Gerold
How does a dance anthropologist mum, working and studying part-time undertake fieldwork?
Lui Sit

Embodied Mobility Practices and Everyday Life - Practices and Norms of Everyday Life

Practices and spaces of new mobilities in Italy
Bruna Vendemmia
Every step a complex story: Some theoretical thoughts on mobility as a social practice
Mathias Wilde
Interpreting legal norms in mobilities
Anette Jerup

Doing Public Transport

The shaping of transport model based knowledge production: An in-depth case study
Jeppe Andersen
The Karlsruhe “Kombilösung” – increasing mobility?
Dejan Petkov
Urban gondolas and aerial tramways – a challenge for urban transport
Max Reichenbach
On the Way to an Intermodal Transportation System - Improving the Cooperation in the Public Transport Sector of the Stadsregio Amsterdam/The Netherlands and the Hovedstaden Region/Denmark
Dennis Steinsiek
An Ethnography of the Bus Stops Only Policy in Knoxville, Tennessee and the Experience of Active Transportation
Anne Victoria

Energy Transition and E-mobility - Strategies and Potentials

The development of e-mobility in rural areas: a path to energy transition?
Aude Cranois
Market potential of electric cars in rural areas
Katja Engelen, Reyhaneh Farrokhikhiavi
Integrating demand side management with new mobility – a consumer survey
Julius P. Wesche, Elisabeth Dütschke
Moving Energy at City Speed with Carsharing Fleets
Benno Bock, Robert Schönduwe

Cycling Futures - Imaginaries of Velomobility

The risks of urban vélomobility
Till Koglin
Revolutionary films: The mobile screen cultures of cycling
Bruce Bennet
Cycling everywhere: An exploration of the development of mobility cultures that embrace cycling for everyday purposes
Njogu Morgan
Drivers of cycling demand and cycling futures in the Danish context.
Thomas Sick Nielsen, Hjalmar Christiansen, Carsten Jensen, Britt Zoëga Skougaard
A cycling future for ageing populations
Tim Jones
The risks of urban vélomobility
Till Koglin
Long distance commuting by bike – the future?
Jonas Larsen

Mobility in the Arts - A Meeting between Art Studies, Cultural Policy, and Mobility Studies 2

Travelogue. Mapping Performing Arts Mobility across the EU. Lessons Learned and Open Questions from an Experimental Pilot-Project
Joris Janssens, Bart Magnus – An Information Service Answering to the Needs of Internationally Mobile Artists
Michael Freundt

Urban Planning in the Mobile Risk Society - Understanding and enacting Mobilities Planning

Storytelling as a tool in the networked mobile society
Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland
Planning Sustainable Mobilities – Complex dilemmas and situational ethics
Aslak Aamot Kjærulff
Ciclo Rota Centro: giving Rio de Janeiro a new meaning as a Bicycle City
Sérgio Carvalho Benício de Mello, Cédrick Cunha Gomes da Silva
The need for proximity. Localized practices for everyday mobility in Barcelona
Oriol Marquet Sarda, Carme Miralles-Guasch
(Un)consequential Planning practices: the political pitfall of mobility policy-making in Lisbon’s Metropolitan Area
João Mourato, Daniela Ferreira, Sofia Santos, Renato Carmo
Cycling Policies and Urban Poverty: Sustainable agendas and Social Inequalities in Bogotá and Guadalajara
Daniel Oviedo Hernandez, Etienne von Bertrab

Doing Ethnography in hypermobile Fields - Doing Ethnography in Virtual Fields

Hyper-mobile fields, hyper-mobile subjects and a hyper-mobile researcher. Doing ethnography of superrich mobility, reflections from the field
Emma Spence
Combination is Key. Ethnographic Research in Multi-Sited and Virtual-Spaced Fields. Political Engagement in Iceland and Germany today
Julia Tiemann
Superkilen: an example of where "meta" and "meatspace" meet.
Annelise Andersen
Ethnography in a virtual mobility context: the use of clinical interviews
Angélique Montuwy
Polysemic gatherings: mapping the #NLC2014 tag on twitter
Steve Wright, Cormac O'Keefe

Embodied Mobility Practices and Everyday Life - Cultures and Habits of Everyday Life

Motility meets viscosity in rural to urban flows
Cathie Doherty
Habits of negotiation: Reflections on commuting, habit and skill
Brendan J. Doody
Rethinking ‘normality’, ‘habit’ and ‘routine’ in embodied mobility practices
Lesley Murray, Karolina Doughty
Making Everyday Family Mobility
Simon Wind

Transit and placemaking

A Label or a Process? Urbanity, Mobility and Making Sense of an ‘AirportCity’
Anna Nikolaeva
Moderated waiting. How new technologies reshape and mediate waiting in mobilities.
Robin Kellermann
Lost in Transit
Ida Sofie Gøtzsche Lange, Lea Louise Holst Laursen, Claus Lassen, Ole B. Jensen
An example of everyday mobile practices of people in a contemporary “transfer points”. A comparative study between South Station in Brussels and Central Station in Milan
Valentina Marziali

Energy Transition and E-mobility - Designing E-mobility Solutions

Electric vehicles in urban freight transport - A local perspective
Wolfgang Aichinger
Electric Flexible One-Way Car Sharing vs. Conventional Acceptance, Attractiveness and lifestyle-background
Konrad Götz, Georg Sunderer
Presentation of the ongoing Ph.D. Project “Mobility Stories of Pedelec Owners: Adaption and Use of Electric Bicycles.
Jessica Le Bris
e-mobility - design matters
Gert Schmidt
E-Mobility goes city: New challenges for urban planning
Dennis Knese
How a National Railway Company can make eCar-Share work in the suburbs ?
Teddy Delaunay
Contributions of battery electric vehicles to DSM-strategies in dependence of the vehicle use
Sören Christian Trümper, Sebastian Gerhard

Cycling Futures - Velomobility in action

Urban Bike Scapes, New York - Analyzing Aesthetic Experiences & Urban Architecture
Gitte Marling, Lene Marie Bruun Jespersen
Just for tourists and bankers or for everybody? The bike sharing system BUBI and urban mobility in Budapest
Katalin Tóth
Comparing and learning from each other for a better cycling future.
Henk Lenting
Applying the Multi-Level Perspective (MLP) Conceptual Framework to a Case Study of the dublinbikes Bike-Sharing Scheme
Damien Ó Tuama
The Bikeshare domain as a green technology: an analysis from Instrumentalisation Theory
Robert Bradshaw

Art as mobile research: The Journey of Making - Mobile Senses

Rhythm and the mobilisation of musical practices
Alejandro Miranda
Mobility and smells: situating locals, writing maps
Luisa Paraguai
Listening to Location-Based Media: Verdun Music-Route
Samuel Thulin

Urban Planning in the Mobile Risk Society - Conditions for Sustainable Mobilities

What expertise in intelligent and sustainable mobility governance in mid-sized urban areas? An interdisciplinary perspective on the Belfort-Montbeliard French case.
Régis Boulat, Picard, Rey
Monitoring in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans: the CPH:Sense approach
F Grani, S. Trento, G Triantafyllidis
Organizing Competition in the Field of Public Transport – Dynamics of Markets, Work and Gender
Joana Coppi
Let’s people move! The Diverse Planning Paradigm of The ‘Shared Spaces’
Enza Lissandrello
On the road to sustainable mobility: shared space, gendered conflicts and micro-politics in everyday traffic interaction
Dag Balkmar

Doing Ethnography in hypermobile Fields - (Building) Resilience through Virtual Media

Disclosing Disaster? A Study of Ethics and Phenomenology in a Mobile World
Monika Büscher, Michael Liegl, Katrina Petersen
Swarms, Issue Publics and the ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’- Mobilizing Disaster Response with Social Media
Michael Liegl, Monica Büscher
Mapping Disaster: how networking information over space becomes a question of time
Katrina Petersen
Mobility Practices: Service Designing The City
Natalia Radywyl
The Role of Informality to Create Adaptive Forms of Governance Lessons from the Egyptian Revolution Back to Planning Practice
Mohamed Saleh
New ‘Foucaultdian boomerangs’ - Drones and urban surveillance
Ole B. Jensen
Disclosing Disaster? A Study of Ethics and Phenomenology in a Mobile World
Monika Büscher, Michael Liegl, Katrina Petersen
Mariana Rios
Swarms, Issue Publics and the ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’- Mobilizing Disaster Response with Social Media
Michael Liegl, Monika Büscher

Embodied Mobility Practices and Everyday Life - Mobilities and Youth

Skaters in Concepcion, Chile: the city’s new architects
Daniel Jiménez Chávez, Tabita Moreno Becerra
U.move 2.0 - the spatial and virtual mobility of young people and young adults
Dirk Wittowsky, Marcel Hunecke
The Little Mermaid is a Portal : digital mobility and transformations
Lilyana Petrova
‘Mobile’ youth and binaries of work and leisure
Elsa Thaiparambil Oommen
The adaptability of teenagers’ mobility, its limits, challenges and significance to a post-car future
Juliane Stark, Ilil Bartana
In Defense of Virtual Narratives: Experiences from doing ethnography with the Japanese youth.
Rafael Munia

Embodied Mobility Practices and Everyday Life - Transnational Mobilities and Tourism

Moving to Meet and Make: tourist places, creativity and the urban.
Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt
The role of the driver-car assemblage in the practices of long-distance aeromobility
Julie Cidell
Hyperautomobility on holiday: Networked affective densities in leisure trajectories through Morocco
Lauren Wagner
Home attachments through embodied mobility practice
Annie Woube

Mobility Practices and Potentials for Transition

Urban commuting – expanding urban space through mobility practices in Post-industrial Sweden
Paul Agnidakis
Mobility and the spatio-temporality of practice: implications for low carbon mobility futures
Noel Cass, James Faulconbridge
Meeting for carpooling. When online social networking turns into shared and embodied mobilities.
Lisa Creno, Beatrice Cahour, Christian Licoppe
Mobility in the nexus between emotional and sensuous embodiment and discursive, ideational construction
Anne Jensen
Designing Affective Atmospheres on the Move
Ditte Bendix Lanng, Simon Wind
Who is the networked urban mobile subject?
Katharina Manderscheid

Urbanization in "non-urban" Space: The Role of Mobilities in new urban Epistemologies

Arctic outcasts: social welfare institutionalization and urbanization in the circumpolar Arctic
Julia Christensen
Geopo(l)etics: Extracting the imaginary between two spaces of mobile labour
Roger Norum
Roads in the Grasslands of Amdo – Mobilities of Tibetan Nomads, Infrastructure Development, and Urbanization in Western China
Lilian Iselin
Becoming an urban saami: Mixed place identities among urban saami residents in the Scandinavian north
Torill Nyseth
The open land and the closed landscape. Urban transformations of the environment in Greenland
Frank Sejersen

Art as mobile research: The Journey of Making - Artistic Interventions

Cities, Arts Mobility and Resistance
Vahid Evazzadeh
Locative Awareness: Art Practice in a Mobilities Landscape
Jen Southern
Developing Colony
Nikki Pugh
Mobilizing theatre: artistic interventions as ways of knowing mobile worlds
Peter F. Peters
Interrupting urban mobilities: art, memory and the politics of the highway
David Pinder
Walking Poets: Poetry, Art, Landscape and Tourism Mobilitie - English and Japanese Interpretations of the Lake Districts
Mike Collier, Kevin Hannam